Tuesday, March 5, 2013

4 Bills in the Illinois House and Senate

Here are summaries of the bills that are trying to pass though Illinois. Taking from email sent by NORML House Bill 1: This would provide safe and legal access to medical cannabis for sick people with one of the specific conditions listed in the legislation. It also details how patients will acquire their medicine and the regulations for those businesses. This bill is NOT perfect but a product of a decade of debating this issue and failing to legally protect medical cannabis patients in Illinois. If this bill passes other medical conditions can be added to the list that qualify, patients’ home cultivation could eventually be added and it can be improved upon. If this bill doesn’t pass we have the status quo. House Bill 2332: This bill would decriminalize personal possession of cannabis in Illinois, meaning that a ticket would likely be issued instead of an arrest for those found in possession of a personal amount of cannabis. We are working with the sponsor to expand the definition of a personal amount of cannabis and we are hoping to have that amendment attached to the bill prior to the hearing on Wednesday (see below). House Bill 2668: This bill would make a distinct definition for industrial hemp in the Cannabis Control Act of Illinois. Essentially this would allow farmers to grow hemp in Illinois if the federal government were to make the same change in their definition of cannabis. Senate Bill 1234: This bill would add saliva to the types of tests automobile drivers would consent to in Illinois. We are hoping to have the sponsor amend this bill to include a revision of our zero tolerance per se DUID law.

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