Monday, March 4, 2013

$MJNA today with some charts

Looks like we are still waiting on a response from AG Eric Holder on the Feds stance on Cannabis. Volume has been very light of late but looks like some nice consolidation for the past week. We closed on Friday @ .315 and opened down today .305 reaching a low of .28 with light selling. Looks like we saw a bounce after the Euro close and went up and down all day but closed higher than we opened but still red for the day closing .308 with 7.2 million shares traded. Short volume did look like it was down from Friday also. Still would like to see a comment from MJNA about all the recent claims. I know Tripp addressed some of the issues but a formal PR release would be nice. Long and strong MJNA Weekly, Daily, and 30 Min charts with 13SMA 50SMA 200SMA
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