Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Slow Slide

The volume has basically dried up in the Cannabis Sector as of late. With no news really coming out of Washington we still sit in limbo waiting for the word. We know more and more Americans are in favor of Cannabis both recreationally and medically! Even the GOP is on board to get Hemp re-classified so that farmers can start cleaning up the industrial side of things. In the Oversight Meeting today committee chair Sen. Leahy of VT said that it is a waste of resources to go after people possessing small amounts of Cannabis. REALLY PEOPLE? Until the Feds come out with a concrete plan to either help aid or to shut down this giant sector it is slowly growing a whole faster than anyone thinks. If you truly think they will allow Cannabis in any way you are a fool for selling any company that involves itself with this sector. If you think the Feds will shut down this sector as a whole and put a stop to recreational and medical uses of Cannabis then sell all your shares. Guess what, I will buy them. Just wish I had an ATM with endless funds to keep buying some of these wonderful publicly traded companies.

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